STSM - DH Krakow

Today I finished a short three weeks research stay at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Krakow as part of the COST Action “Distant Reading for European Literary History”. It was a great experience. My supervisor was Maciej Eder, one of the big names in stylometry, particularly famous for making... [Read More]

Oxygen Frameworks

I started learning the TEI encoding back in 2013. I took classes and workshops on the subject and collaborated in a series of projects as encoder. In some of the courses I attended we delved into the intrincancies of XQuery and XSLT. We always worked using Oxygen. And no one... [Read More]

MHG Rubrics – Medieval Canon in the Digital Age

Some days ago I participated in the conference The Medieval Literary Canon in the Digital Age at the University of Ghent. It was a great experience shared with amazing scholars from many different countries. It was a very small conference, all presentations were plenary sessions. Never before had I spoken... [Read More]

Distant Reading Middle High German – Sneak Peek

Recently I took a bunch of data from Handschriftencensus, the online catalogue for Middle High German manuscripts. Handschriftencensus was developed mostly at the University of Marburg, but since 2017, it is part of the Mainzer Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur. They are supposed to have an entry for every... [Read More]

Two obscure Middle High German Poems

I came across two curious and rare Middle High German poems recently. They are attested in the manuscript of the National Museum in Prague, Cod. X A 12, also known as the Liederbuch der Clara Hätzlerin. Clara Hätzlerin is the name of the professional scribe who created this book, one... [Read More]