Some days ago I participated in the conference The Medieval Literary Canon in the Digital Age at the University of Ghent. It was a great experience shared with amazing scholars from many different countries. It was a very small conference, all presentations were plenary sessions. Never before had I spoken in front of such a renowned audience, and I think it went pretty well.

I presented a project about Middle High German rubrics in miscellany manuscripts. I had some very interesting feedback. Someone mentioned that the Latin rubrics surely influenced the MHG ones, and it would be interesting to consider that relationship. I imagine also Old French might have played a role in inspiring the MHG scribes. Also, starting in the middle of the 15th century, the printing press surely had an impact in the way people used rubrication as titles. A comparative approach would be very interesting.

However, to be able to plan such a project would be very difficult. The materials and datasets are still to be made and the process of creating data takes a lot of time. I would be happy if I can just improve my rubrics corpus a little and offer some humble insights. Hopefully, making the material available might inspire more people to contribute or do new analysis.